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In The News

Coalition of Somali American Leaders Condemns Terrorist Attack On Mosque in Bloomington, Urges Communities to Come Together in Solidarity

August 11, 2017

Bloomington, MN – Coalition of Somali American Leaders (The Somali Coalition), an umbrella network of Somali-led non-profits working together to support full participation of Somali-Americans in Minnesota’s globalized society and traditions, strongly condemns the terrorist attack that damaged the Dar Al Farooq Islam center in Bloomington, MN.

Coalition convener Hamse Warfa said, “This terrorist attack shows that the very real fears of many Somalis and Muslims in Minnesota are well-founded. We in Minnesota have a lot of work to do to ensure that our children do not grow up in fear of violence simply for who they are. We have been profoundly grateful for the support of our local elected officials, and the wider Minnesota community, who has rallied around Dar Al Farooq at this time of immense fear and anxiety.”

Coalition Member, Mustafa Hassan, Executive Director of African Immigrant Community Services, said, “We know hate crimes against Muslims and Somalis have been on the rise; it is frightening and sad to see those crimes turn into violent terrorism. Minnesota must come together to fight hate.”

The Somali Coalition has been spearheading efforts to build trust and understanding between Minnesota’s communities, including the highly successful Sambusa Sunday project that saw thousands of Minnesotans turn out to support their neighbors and has since been replicated globally.

Many of our neighbors and friends have asked us ways they can be more supportive of Dar Al Farooq mosque and to the Muslim/Somali community. Ways Minnesotans can support include:

  • Supporting financially by contributing to the on-going effort to rebuild the Mosque (
  • Host Sambusa Sunday event in your neighborhood. Here’s guide on how you can host an event:
  • Volunteer your time on community causes including opportunities to volunteer with Coalition members (

The Somali Coalition exists to cultivate leadership effectiveness, increase community and organizational capacity building, facilitate intercultural exchange; and, mobilize resources to improve the quality of life for all Somali Americans across Minnesota and beyond.

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Minnesota’s largest Somali nonprofits are teaming up to present a unified lobbying front to the state this winter.
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Nonprofits run by Somali refugees in Minnesota are teaming up to advocate for increased state funding at a time when anti-refugee sentiment is on the rise.

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