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The Coalition of Somali American Leaders | Members
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Working together to build and promote prosperity

Members of Coalition of Somali American Leaders

African Immigrants Community Services

Mission: The mission of AICS is to provide integrated services which aid in strengthening the capacity of East Africans to become settled, making them economically and socially self-sufficient while positively engaged with their host communities.

We provide assistance with the aim of addressing the critical needs of immigrants in the community. Immigrants under our guidance and care overcome the self-isolation caused by limited understanding of language and culture by designing programs and services to help them secure jobs, acquire language skills, and integrate socially and economically with the community at large.

  • Employment: AICS provides services tailored to the needs of refugees with limited English proficiency, including job readiness skills and placement services, with the goal of helping them secure long-term employment.
  • Social Services: AICS assists community members with day-to-day needs such as reading and filing documents, as well as assistance in health, housing and legal situations.
  • Youth Impact: Youth programs range from school readiness services to partnering with parents/ families to address health concerns and barriers of learning.
  • Adult/ Elderly: AICS offers a number of services designed to address the unique issues encountered by these group, including access to health services, literacy and proficiency in English and multicultural-oriented parenting skills.
The Confederation Of Somali Community In Minnesota

Mission: To strengthen the capacity of Somalis in Minnesota to thrive while keeping their culture.

Our primary purpose is to help Somali youth and families overcome the social and economic obstacles that impede growth while maintaining our cultural heritage.

  • Education and Youth Development: CSCM’s programs focus on building skills, creating safe spaces for young people to express themselves, and educating our youth.
  • Advocacy and Support: CSCM provides support that helps individuals and families receive services that meet a wide variety of needs, including education, employment, housing and legal assistance. We advocate for the Somali community and work throughout the community in partnership and collaboration with other organizations to obtain the best possible outcomes for children, youth and families.
  • Employment and Economic Empowerment: YCSCM’s Shaqodon program creates empowerment through employment. Our employment programs and services serve the Twin Cities metro region and are targeted at Somali youth ages 14-24.
Ka Joog

Mission: To create a better world by providing community-based, culturally specific programs and services to Somali youth and their families.

Ka Joog is tailored towards enriching the lives of Somali American youth by utilizing the positive elements of education, mentoring, employment, and the arts. We strive to motivate youth to pursue higher education, while promoting and building community ties at events throughout MN and through our programs:

  • The Takeoff: Free educational culturally appropriate after-school program. The Takeoff has two tracks, one focuses on homework help and mentoring and the other focuses on 4H.
  • Health Promotion: This program works to increase school attendance and improve community connections across Hennepin County through a collaborative early intervention providing education and support services to school-age youth and their families..
  • FANKA: Ka Joog’s arts program creates an intimate space for the community in MN to motivate, empower, and elevate each other through the arts, including poetry, music, storytelling, painting, sculptures and more..
New American Development Center

The New American Development Center (NADC) is focused on lowering the poverty rate of refugees, immigrants and low-income workers in the Somali community through authentic, culturally appropriate and sustainable wealth building programs that include technical assistance, business development, entrepreneurship training and youth employment.

Entrepreneurship Training Program: Provides training where entrepreneurs learn foundational skills for starting and running a successful small business.

  • 12 Weeks of workshops/training focused on business plan development, budgeting and forecasting, customer service, traditional and modern communications and marketing, demographic/ market research and analysis, SWOT analysis.
  • Ongoing support and technical assistance to build on foundational training specific to each individual. Areas of support include: government requirements and compliance, cash flow analysis, and other financial literacy and management/ administration skill building.

NADC has plans to build on the success of the Entrepreneurship Training Program to strengthen the content of its financial literacy and business capacity building courses. This includes ongoing technical assistance to include more Somali community members, including youth.

Shanta Link

Mission To bridge the gaps of our community through education, scholarship, mentorship opportunities, and by grassroots level engagement on different issues on cultures.

Shanta Link is working to prepare tomorrow’s leaders by teaching integrity, magnanimity and leadership.

  • Scholarships: The only Somali-run scholarship program that gives money to Somali immigrant high school seniors who plan on attending colleges and universities in Minnesota.
  • Mentoring: Board members provide ongoing support and mentorship for scholarship recipients. Volunteers additionally work to pair students with professionals from whom they can learn more about careers they may be considering.
  • Information for students and families: Shanta Link partners with local high schools and community organizations to give presentations and provide information for Somali high school students and their families about college access, financial aid, and understanding that college is indeed possible for them.
Somali Action Alliance

Mission To educate Somali individuals and other interested persons regarding civic engagement, voting rights and responsibilities and participation in democracy.

The Somali Action Alliance was created as a community drive effort to promote social and economic equity, and to address structural barriers and provide opportunities to the Somali and East African refugees and immigrants in MN.

  • Alliance Building: SAA works to build a strong network of individual leaders, organizations and institutional partners to achieve social change on issues of critical importance and to improve the quality of life for community members.
  • Education: SAA works to educate Somali individuals regarding civic engagement, voting rights and responsibilities and participation in democracy.
  • Community Organizing: The Alliance convenes and engages the community, providing opportunities for Somalis to address their challenges and barriers.
  • Leadership Development and Training: We utilize and promote the leadership skills of ordinary people from every segment of the Somali community who understand power and act in ways that build power and social capital in the community.
Somali American Parent Association

Mission To promote the empowerment of Somali youth, parents, and African communities in Minnesota through a holistic approach to services that include education, community engagement, and advocacy.

SAPA envisions a supportive community in which all parents and children can navigate and actively participate in educational opportunities, create health lives, and thrive in an environment of cross-cultural understanding. We strive to achieve this through our programs:

  • Parent Engagement and Empowerment: We work to support and educate parents so they can learn how to be involved in their children’s school, how to support their children’s academic success and how to navigate the U.S. school system.
  • Youth Development: SAPA provides youth programs that help East African students make sustainable academic gains and provide opportunities to gain new skills and plan for a successful future.
  • Community Health and Engagement: In response to emerging needs and issues arising in the Somali community around mental health, SAPA is working to create more opportunities for dialogue in this area.
  • Cultural Training and Consulting: SAPA provides professional development workshops and training sessions for schools, teachers and administrators interested in learning more about Somali culture and how to better educate East African Youth.
Somali Community Resettlement Services

Mission: To promote and advance the social well-being and the welfare of its members by providing much needed community and resettlement services, with the ultimate goal of building a vibrant community whose members can successfully settle and affectively integrate into the wider American community.

SCRS’s vision is to drive measurable improvement for the well-being of Somalis and other refugees and immigrants in Minnesota in order to lead change for what is needed the most and works best for them.


To better serve its members, SCRS board and staff are committed to four strategies:

  • Lead the community to invest in effective and evidence-based programs and policies for families and youth.
  • Develop and monitor progress on refugee and immigrant programs.
  • Advocate to assure that basic needs of refugees and immigrants are met and to increase the effectiveness of refugee programs overall.
  • Build long-term relationships between diverse communities and increase the capacity and voice of newcomers to affect change.

The services SCRS provide include interpretation, translation, information and referrals, orientation for newly arrived refugees, pre- and post-employment support, youth programs, health educational programs and the Rochester Somali TV which broadcasts all programs in Somali language.

Somalia Rebuild Organization

Mission: to establish the initiatives of sustainable development programs, public education, advocacy, empowering women, and small business support.

Somalia Rebuild Organization’s (SRO) vision is to provide educational, recreational, cultural, health and lifelong learning opportunities for the local Somali Community.

  • Youth Development:  The goal of this program is to provide youth with an after school or weekend activity to promote healthy lifestyles and to steer children away from radicalization, illegal and violent activities. We also provide youth with a free membership at the YMCA.
  • After School and Parental Education: SRO is working with college and high school students in mentoring youth to join forces and form a network amongst each other to achieve higher education. We also have a program that is aimed at parent and family engagement, tutoring and mentoring.
  • Women Empowerment: SRO believes that empowering women is key to building a thriving community and that strengthening the community can help women flourish in entrepreneurship, education, leadership, decision making and healthy living.
  • Small Business Advancement:  Our program helps educate and promote Somali small business advancement.

Mission: #UniteCloud provides education and actionable steps to resolve tension and restore dignity to all people in the St. Cloud Area.

#UniteCloud seeks to foster an empathetic community that chooses to stand up for one another regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, abilities, or social-economic background. We believe that our commitment to this vision will lead to greater senses of safety and hope and decreases in fear and suspicion of those who are different from us.

Current Projects:

  • #UniteCloud Blog: Weekly Central MN stories of meeting neighbors, learning from others, empathizing, not being a bystander, etc. are told from the point of view of people from Central MN.
  • Love You Neighbor: In response to hateful vandalism and rhetoric, the “Love Your Neighbor” campaign started with passing out “Love Your Neighbor – MN” yard signs and a Sambusa Sunday event. Future goals are more “get to know your neighbor” events, bumper stickers, and billboards.
  • Green Card Voices: #UniteCloud partnered with Green Card Voices to record 20 stories of first generation immigrants in Central MN.
  • Training and Speaking: #UniteCloud co-directors travel throughout MN for training and speaking engagements. They share that, although they have different religions, different colors of skin, and different countries of origin, their common goal of community peace and prosperity for all shines through any darkness.

Visit our websites for more information

African Immigrants Community Services Helping Hands to migrants in the community
To strengthen the capacity of Somalis in Minnesota to become contributing members of society, while keeping their culture.
To strengthen the capacity of Somalis in Minnesota to become contributing members of society, while keeping their culture.
Somalia Rebuild Organization (SRO) was established for the purpose of rebuilding the youth of Olmsted County through education, physical activities and programs that promote success.
New Ameican Academy (NAA) Center works with entrepreneurs and community organizations to concentrate the power of micro-enterprise development around dynamic “hubs” of community revitalization,linking the energy of people to the vitality of places.
Bridging the educational gap through the creation of more opportunities to increase the number of youngsters enrolling in higher education; by providing mentorships, scholarships, and promoting cultural diversity through art.
Our mission is to educate Somali individuals and other interested persons regarding civic engagement, voting rights and responsibilities and participation in democracy.
sapa promotes the empowerment of somali youth, parents, and african communities in minnesota through a holistic approach to services that include education, community engagement, and advocacy
#UNITECLOUD Provides education and actionable steps to resolve tension and restore dignity to all the people in the St. Cloud area